📋Node Introduction

Before choosing the various nodes of Jego, you must understand the basic knowledge of the internet.

The Conclusion

If you are in Mainland China, please choose the nodes in various regions of California, USA.

Although Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, and Singapore are geographically closer to Mainland China, due to the unique network conditions, the majority of network requests from Mainland China users to these regions are first routed to California, USA, before returning to their respective servers.

Edge Network (Overseas)

The Edge Network is provided by cloud services offered by carriers or businesses worldwide, providing international network capacity ranging from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps.

It cannot guarantee speed for users located in Mainland China.

It cannot ensure connectivity for users located in Mainland China.

Mainland-optimized Line (Overseas)

This network consists of backbone networks and premium business networks, representing the top-tier connectivity networks between Mainland China and the global network.

Unable to provide unlimited data transfer.

Cannot guarantee connectivity for users located in Mainland China.

During certain specific periods, the connectivity for users in Mainland China cannot be guaranteed.

International Ethernet Private Line

By using the BGP protocol and collaborating closely with multiple partners such as China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Mobile, a global private communication channel is built that can automatically optimize network structure according to real-time routing protocols. This ensures that users in Mainland China can continue to enjoy stable and efficient global network services.

It provides a stable, high-speed network access experience for users in Mainland China around the clock.

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